P. Lee Spears

P. Lee Spears is a sought after leadership and policy consultant. He is the author of Redeemed: A Story of Survival and Redemption of a Corrections Officer and host of the Mute Button Podcast.

The story of P. Lee Spears is heartbreaking and yet a powerful message of hope. Redeemed is the story of his battle with depression and PTSD. He, like more than 30 percent of our nation's correctional and law enforcement officers, has invisible wounds sustained from the line of duty. In this book you will travel through time, in his own words, and gain a powerful understanding of the mind wars he faces on a daily basis. From thoughts of suicide to redemption, this is his story of survival!

"When I am gone, I will still be with you," is a series of love letters from a father to his children. A father who admittedly has issues with verbally communicating his love to his children. This powerful collection of tidbits, advice, and messages of hope fill that void. It is certain that this book is not just the words of one father but the words of many who struggle to tell their children how they feel.

About Me

Paul Spears is recognized as an innovative trainer, inspirational speaker, pro-active administrator, and dedicated public servant. Paul Spears brings a sense of pride and commitment to his students through engagement of the minds and humor. He has trained more than 20,000 students in various capacities and fields. Highly acclaimed and sought after, Paul is certain to leave a lasting impression with both students and co-workers.

Paul’s leadership and vision have gained international recognition as one of the creators of the Tennessee Department of Corrections Citizen’s Academy. The academy has allowed citizens from across the state to gain a behind the scenes perspective of the largest law enforcement agency in Tennessee.

In 2017, Paul was chosen to lead the Tennessee Department of Veterans Services Training Division. Under his leadership, the department was able to transform from a culture of workplace check the box training to a culture of learning and development. His hard work and dedication allowed the department to become the first cabinet-level agency to have all supervisors complete the state learning pyramid program. That achievement has allowed Paul to become recognized as one of the premier learning leaders in state government. Additionally, Paul’s vision led to the creation of the most intensive Veterans Service Officer Basic Training Course in the Nation. The Veterans Services Accreditation Course has become known as the “Tennessee Model.”

Paul was a member of the State of Tennessee Learning & Development Council where he served as a policy expert and innovation contributor. He was also selected for a state-wide task force that focused on the future of learning and development.

His achievements include numerous accolades including being commissioned an "Ambassador of Goodwill" by Gov. Bill Haslam for his work in innovating training standards for law enforcement and the private security industry. He has been recognized by the FBI-Law Enforcement Executive Development Association for his contributions to training at the national level. He has served as an advisor to numerous county and state officials over the years and has a strong understanding of public-private partnerships.

Through Paul’s extensive background, in both career and education, he has proven to be a highly sought after member of the team. He has been involved in major decision making, succession planning, and strategic planning. Paul encompasses a growth mindset, always willing to embrace change and seek out innovative techniques to continually enhance his knowledge and increase the mindset of everyone he encounters. He is a servant leader and proactively engages in learning and developmental opportunities to ensure his customers, partners, and agency are reaching their fullest potential.